Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Time Lifting While Pregnant

So today I finally made it to the gym after weeks of missing it. Life has been hectic and exhausting with the pregnancy, buying the house, and my girl friends wedding! It has calmed down and I took advantage.

One of my biggest concerns when I got pregnant was that my fit life would have to be put on hold....I could not have been more wrong! My OB recommends remaining active throughout my entire pregnancy so long as I feel up to it. But to be honest I was afraid to lift. He told me as far as cardio to keep a heart rate lower than 140 to burn fat and keep my blood flow safe for baby, but with weights I was told to keep it 45 pounds and under. He also says that losing a little weight in the first trimester (I am overweight..this is not recommended for women at normal or under weight stats) is okay so long as I am not eating at a huge deficit. I eat anywhere from 1800-2000 calories a day and I have lost 5 pounds this month without trying. He feels that at my weight I should aim to gain 15-20 pounds during my whole pregnancy and calorie counting will help me maintain my weight and kick start my loss after birth. Back to lifting...

Many women lift heavy way into their pregnancy which is great, but with my first pregnancy I threw my back out, and he says I don't need to press my luck. I completely agree. But he also feels I can benefit emensely from lifting.

Lifting weights while pregnant helps to maintain muscle mass, bone density, and strengthens your core for an easier delivery. It also helps with a much quicker post partum recovery and helps your body return to normal. But with the hormone changes your ligaments are loose and easily damaged and your center of balance is off, which can lead to falls...never a good thing when expecting! So as I said earlier...I went in this morning very nervous but determined!

(Stretched first) I started with a 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) session on the treadmill. When I was running I watched my heart rate and aimed to keep it under 150. I burned 235 calories in 30 minutes and never broke a sweat...but it was trying nonetheless. It was difficult having to keep such a watchful eye on my heart rate. (Stretched again) I then moved towards the weight machines. It is recommended that you use machines when pregnant if you are not an experienced lifter to prevent injury since machines help you maintain a fluid movement. Instead of high weights low rep my doctor said to do low weights(around 30-40 pounds) with high reps. (Stretched one last time) After a 30 minute session I felt just as sore as I would lifting normally, and I felt so accomplished. I am proud to admit that I am going to be one FIT MOMMA!

So for those of you ladies who are pregnant, working to get pregnant, or just nervous about lifting...just do it! Don't be intimidated or discouraged...if I can do it so can you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glade Oil Diffuser Review

So as I have mentioned I am a BzzAgent, and as so I am sent free products while completing BzzCampaigns to test and review!

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a coupon to redeem a free The Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser . I am not the biggest fan of Glade products because I feel they are a little over marketed and over priced. I always buy the store brand and get just as good a product. I have to admit...after this campaign I have completely changed my opinion!...of their Oil Diffuser at least.

I picked up the Pineapple Mango diffuser and it smells heavenly. The smell wavers through out   MY ENTIRE HOUSE and everyone asks what that great smell is when they walk in! One of my best friends took some of the coupons I received and went the same day and picked up one for her house. I would very highly recommend them to everyone! And I do. It also has a very chic design and blends into my decor well! *ahhhh sings the angels*

Another great product that Glade sent me to campaign was the Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist . As great as this one smells it definitely is not my favorite as far as design. It is supposed to be sleek and blend in to your decorations, which it kind of does. But it is difficult to squeeze and a lot of the time sprays all over me...GRRRR! I got the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice, and it smells fantastic. If only they had that in the Oil Diffuser design...I would buy them out!  

Both are very cheap. Both run $2-4 dollars for the starter kits in most department stores (I shop primarily Wal-Mart). Very affordable...even for a tight wad like me!

All in all I give the Oil Diffuser a 10 out of 10 and the Mist an 8 out of 10. You should check them out!

I have not been paid by BzzAgent, or the Glade manufacturers to write this review. This is 100% how I feel about their products! You should try it!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Review

I am a BzzAgent and as one we are assigned campaigns where we get to try and sample products for free. Recently I joined a campaign for the new Schick Hydro Silk Razor. I received the product in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit I was a little skeptical.

I was sent what is called the starter kit. In it is the razor handle, two cartridges  and a suction hanger to keep your razor up and out of reach. The first thing I immediately loved was the hanger it came with. I have a one year old and she just loves to act like being able to hang my razor up out of her reach is a big plus in my book. The next thing...the long and shapely, almost sexy contour of the handle. It fits well in the palm of your hand, not to short, and not too long.

The actual cartridge has five blades! for a closer shave, which is fantastic. Normally I have to buy a men's razor to get more than three! On the package it explains that the cartridge has a hydrating water activated serum that leaves your skin feeling smooth, which is great, until its on your skin. This was the only thing I did not like about the razor. The serum was more like a sticky goo. That is not a pleasant feeling.

Even though I fought the goo...after I was finished shaving my legs were oh so smooth and sexy!

The honey most definitely appreciated the smoothness. 

The shave lasted 4 days before I started to feel stubble again...which is amazing. Normally I have to shave everyday.

The razor normally runs about $10 in most department stores, which is a wonderful price. The cartridges run about $15 for a 4 pack, which I think is reasonable considering I spend at least $20 a month on disposables.
This is definitely a razor I can see myself using permanently. Even if it feels a little gooey!

I have not been paid by BzzAgent, or the Schick Hydro Silk Razor manufacturers to write this review. This is 100% how I feel about the razor! You should try it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Being Mom, Getting Fit, And Everything Healthy

The hardest job in the world is being a Stay at Home Mom...

There is no arguing with that.  Wait..there is something that is a lot harder, being a stay at home mom trying to overhaul an unhealthy lifestyle.

For those of you ladies just starting out, I will tell you now...This is one of the most difficult things I have done second to childbirth. Even then once they are out, they are out. However both raising a child and a healthy lifestyle are full time and life time jobs.

Priority numero uno in my life is raising my daughter to be an independent, smart, successful, healthy, happy, driven (the list could go on forever) woman. Then my priorities shift to the health of myself and my family. When I started this I was so unhealthy I could not run for 30 how was I supposed to keep up with a child for the next 18 years?! 

There was no way I could have. Plain and simple.

When I had my epiphany and decided to get fit, for myself and my family, I did not realize just how poorly we exercised, how unfit I was, and what I had been doing to myself for the last 15 years. When I started cutting out sugars... I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! I was so tired, and cranky, and miserable...

For the first couple of days.

After a couple of days I felt great. I still have a sweet from time to time, but I make them healthier sweets. And I make them myself so that I know how much sugar is in it, and I know it is not processed.

Then I began introducing more fruits and veggies. Just a TMI but holey crap...literally. I have never ever been so regular in my life. A now that I only drink one protein shake a day and water (nothing else) I pee every 15 minutes. The toilet and I are well acquainted.

And along comes protein. Your best friend when it comes to staying full and losing weight. Protein, Protein, Protein.  I cannot stress how important it is. And it should come from good quality sources like lean meats, beans, and dairy. Do not cut any food group out because you think it will speed up the process. This is a slow and steady process, not a race.

Do not be afraid to eat! EAT! There is no reason to be hungry, or eat low calorie. Eat enough to fuel your body, and eat even more to fuel your workouts! Here is a great website that explains why you need to eat more! Another great site to check out is MyFitnessPal, it a website that helps you track your food and exercise. And the final one I am going to pitch to you is Scoobys Calculator that will help you figure out what caloric intake you need based on your activity level.

Now that I am done pitching my all time favorite sites, I will get back to it.

I won't lie...I am not always on the ball. Life does get in the way. I have a toddler, we are trying to conceive, and things are always busy. That is life in general. I have days where I don't eat healthy...I sometimes go for days at a time where I can't get in a workout...or I am just too tired to do so. Do I absolutely hate that?..yes! But that is the way it goes. You have to dig through the bad to get to the good and beneficial.

I love being a mom more than anything. I love that I am now a healthy mom, and my daughter will not have to worry about taking care of me...I will always be there to take care of her. I love that my family will take a piece of fruit over a candy bar any day. I love our life, even when it gets hectic.