Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Is My Son?

Every set of parents spends nine months arguing over names. That is a fact. 

As a child I had this list of crazy names I would name my children should I ever have one, and needless to say...those were not the names we chose. Instead we went very traditional. Scarlett was named by her father. Scarlett Rose...who is a bright red joke. And no, we did not name her for her hair color, that is purely coincidental. She was named before her birth. Daddy just came home with it one day. I wanted an Evelyn. But that is another story for another day.

Our son on the other hand...we could not agree on anything.

Back story...

       We tried for several months to get pregnant before it finally happened. The very day I saw those double lines, a dear friend of my parents, Eva, passed away unexpectedly. She was a beautiful person and the world is a lesser place without her. I knew that God called her home to be a guardian angel for my unborn baby. I fought within myself over that a lot. I thought it was selfish to think that, but knew it was true as well.

Shortly after her my Granny Jean passed away, after a long battle with cancer. She was not my biological grandmother, but was the woman I knew as grandma. And my Mammy, Virginia May...well there is no grandma like her. No one has a Mammy like mine. And in reality she is Mammy to everyone.

These three women had such a profound impact on my life that I wanted to name the baby, should it be a girl after them. Her name would be Eva May Jean. Only Eva wasn't a girl, and we had no idea what to name a boy......

So my best friend, and God Mom to the kids suggested Evan. She knew what Eva meant to me and the baby. I loved it...Dustin...not so much. But he knew what it meant to me as well, and I got what I wanted. So there. We have a first name. Evan.

Now we needed a middle name. I always said if I had a boy his middle name would be Wayne, just like my father's. Dustin was on board with that, but that was before he agreed to Evan. So now I have the names I want and he is pouting. So I decided I would give up Wayne to keep Evan, and he pick a middle name.
He wanted to name him for the man he called Dad, his step-dad Alan.

Then it hit me. I could have my granola and eat it too.

What about Evan Alan Wayne...?

Dustin agreed. Everyone loved it. And I think we have a future doctor with a strong name like that. He will have to be someone important in order to justify such a priceless name.

So while Scarlett doesn't have some glorified story for her name like Evan, she is just as loved, and totally rotten. My children have beautiful classic names...that don't have a bagillion silent letters, apostrophes, or weird meanings.

But then again my son is named after a woman...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gone Baby Gone

Well I had my post partum 2 week check up today, and my wonderful OB cleared me of post partum depression. He said I was doing too well to be suffering anything more than baby blues. And I agree. I feel better...much better. No more weepy pitiful mommy.

I'm baaaccckkk!

Well pretty much. I walked well over 2 miles last night while trick or treating with Scarlett and it felt good. My body didn't hurt and no post partum symptoms emerged. The doctor cleared me for exercise and I can't wait to get moving!

Even though I am not suffering from depression, there may be a mommy out there that is and if you feel you are or suspect you are...please seek medical help. Do not be ashamed. And if you suspect a mommy of suffering from depression please offer help. A 15 minute break can make a mom's day.

My biggest take compassionate. Not only to moms...but to everyone. You never know what someone is going through. And your friendly feature may change their life.