Monday, September 21, 2015

The Men In My Life: Dustin

Like I mentioned the other day, I am spoiled.

Completely and utterly so.

I can be smelled for miles around.

There are a select few men in my life that can be held accountable for it all.

The other day I wrote to tell you about one of the greatest men in my life: my dad. He was the perfect example to my sisters and I, in how we should expect a man to treat us. He has always loved and respected my mother, and taught us to expect nothing less from other men in our lives. He made a point to make sure that we were raised to be independent and head strong women, that could also accept the kindness of men.

When I brought Dustin home to meet my father for the first time almost nine years ago, I was more nervous than he was, I think. My dad is a good judge of character, and he usually pegged our boyfriends for whom they were, whether it was good or bad. The couple of guys I brought home prior to Dustin were not well received by dad, and while his opinion didn't make my decision for me, I also took it very much into consideration.

They hit it off, thankfully! Turns out that my dad knew his family through the farming business, even though they had never met. One of the first pieces of wisdom my dad imparted upon Dustin went something like this...
                "The women in my family are very spoiled. She is your problem now. Good luck."

And then there was something to the effect of castrating a cow being similar to castrating a man...Gee, thanks Dad!

But he was right, and he knew he was to blame. But figured it was now Dustin's turn to assume the responsibility. Dustin stepped up to the plate, and now...nine years later I am still a very spoiled and happy woman.

Dustin has many of the characteristics my dad has. He is a hard worker, willing to do whatever it takes to take care of our family, all while supporting me in everything I do. He is intelligent. Kind. Caring. Passionate. Loving. But most of all devoted to the kids and myself. He has gone without so they have what they need. He loves me even when I act crazy (ladies will understand me here). He holds me close every night and tells me so. I could not have found a better man. I know everyone likes to think that they hit the partner lottery, but I definitely did!

There are never enough words to tell Dustin how much he means to the kids and myself. I try to show him everyday just how much he is appreciated. Life has thrown us more than our fair share of curve balls, but we seems to dodge them most of the time...and we still come out of it stronger.

Good man doesn't even begin to describe Dustin either, but it really is the best description.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Men In My Life: Dad

I am spoiled.


Completely and entirely loved and doted on by the men in my life.

I am lucky.

I know this without a doubt.

Every girl loves their father in ways that no one can ever understand but you and your father. He is the first love of your life. He gave you life. He is there to protect you. Provide for you. Support you. Punish you. Congratulate you. Push you. But most of all...LOVE YOU. My father has and does all of these things, even now that I am an adult.

He showed me what I should expect from a man in the way that he treated my mother. He taught me how to be one of the guys (he has 3 daughters, no sons), while being his girly girl. He made sure that I was tough and could take care of myself, all while being able to let others in to help me take care of myself. He loved me even when I was doing everything in my power to drive him insane. He was always there when it mattered most. But most of all...I have always known his love for me.

He's never said the words out loud, that is how he was show as little affection as possible. And while he never was the touchy feely kind, I could always count on his strong calloused hands to catch me when I fell. It might have been a ride on the tractor versus a hug and soft words...but I knew...without an ounce of doubt that he was there for me. If a boy broke my heart, I could count on Daddy needing me to ride along with him in the truck with the windows down listening to AC/DC, as a means to mend what he couldn't fix. Even if I wasn't really needed as a tag along.

Good man doesn't begin to describe my father.

A good man loves his wife and family...but my father is devoted to my mother and his family, even more so now that he has grand-kids. After 31 years of marriage, there is no lesser a gleam in his eye when he looks at her, then there was on any day I can remember back to. He does what he can to make sure she has all she needs, and what she wants when he can. He has gone without, on countless occasions, to make sure our family was provided for. He worked day and night, hard back-breaking labor, to give us the necessary comforts in life. And now his body is turning on him for it. And it kills us to see him hurt.

As I sit and watch he and my mother grow older, I have started to realize just how amazing of parents they were. As children we take for granted all they do, because it is their job, and children are selfish. But as an adult, and as a mother, I know what he sacrificed for us. He sacrificed his body to years of hard work, to give us a home. He sacrificed his alone time, to spend time with us. He sacrificed things he wanted, for things we needed. He sacrificed his heart, to give us all his love. 

That is a good man.

I could sit here all day and tell you of all the amazing things he did, but to me the most important thing he did was show me the love that I deserve from a man, not only for myself, but my children as well. I found that love. I found the good man that he lead by example to teach me to find.

I could sit here all day and tell him how much I love him, and appreciate all of the things he has done for our family, but I will never find the right words or enough words to say what he deserves to hear.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nurses: I Stand United With You

So on Monday, September 14th my sister gave birth to her first child, a little boy. I was blessed to be a part of his delivery into this world, and I am so proud of the hard work she put into getting him here.

John William. A good strong name, for a beautiful little man.

That is the newest man in our lives. He is chunky, and gorgeous, and pink, and smells like baby heaven. I could snuggle and love on him all day.

My baby, Evan, is officially a toddler. He is my last baby. We decided on sterilization after he was born, because it was the right choice for our family. I don't regret it, but I have recently had to come to terms with the fact that I won't have another "baby". Ever again. So, with that being said, I am going to hoard all the baby loving I can while John is tiny, because we all know they really do grow up too quickly.

Now the reason I am here isn't just to gush about John, even though I could all day, but instead to praise all of the amazing people that helped to get him here!

My sister had a tough pregnancy, she battled terrible illness as well as gestational diabetes. She went to countless doctors appointments, saw countless medical professionals. And for all the countless times she went to see them, she was always treated well and respected.

The people that took such great care of her and John, have recently been horribly disrespected by the women on The View, a daytime talk show. I do not care to go into specifics but you can see for yourself here, what was said. It disgusts me that nurses were spoken of in such poor light.

These people stand on their feet day in and day out taking care of the sick and dying.

They are being screamed at; puked on, pissed on, shit on, bled on, and any other bodily function I didn't list, they have probably wore at one point or another. They go for hours without eating. They go for hours without sitting down. They listen to hours of people complaining and crying. They work long hard shifts day in and day out. They hold your hand when you are sick. They comfort you when in need. 

Nurses are the backbone of the medical field.

They are the fundamental building blocks to caring for those in need. And they do so selflessly. All that they ask for in return is respect, and the women on The View ripped that away from them, and they should be ashamed. Even if they do issue some public "apology" it will not mean anything. All it will be is a means to end the backlash they are now facing for opening their mouths without considering that they are on a national TV show.

Now to the amazing people that helped bring John into this world, THANK YOU!

And to all of the other amazing nurses who have been waiting 6 hours just to have a bite to eat, THANK YOU!

The ladies that were there for my sister's delivery were amazing. They were all incredibly patient and kind, even when things were at their craziest! They answered all of our questions, made her as comfortable as possible, took great care of her, and even cried with us when John arrived! There are never enough ways to thank them for all they did. And it makes me sad that it has taken this kind of issue to bring attention to how amazing nurses are! They should be thanked regularly for all the hard work they do, and never criticized for being proud of their profession, no one should.

So once again, THANK YOU, not only to nurses but all medical professionals!

And as for the women on The View, you have started a movement, and I hope they cancel your show!