Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation and My Giveaway Surprise!

Man I have been super duper busy lately.

I have been busy with painting and decorating, regular stay at home mom stuff, working out when I can, doctor's appointments, and prepping for VACATION!


We only have 10 DAYS until we head out to The Outer Banks or OBX in North Carolina. One of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the East Coast...and we are Floridians. So that is saying a lot.

After the passing of my Grandma Rita a couple of years ago, we decided we would do a week long vacation once a year on or around her birthday. Giving our family the chance to get together, not only to remember her, but to enjoy each others company.

Grandma Rita Jane Taylor

Now this isn't my family in the sense that we are blood related.

Grandma Rita was my Ex-Step Grandmother. Confusing I know. Her daughter Anna, was one of my Grandfathers several wives. Only she is one of two I maintained a relationship with. As tragic as it is I do not have a great relationship with my maternal Grandmother. But that's a skeleton for another time. Anna however has been a very active and important person in my entire life. I owe her so much. She is my kids Meme!

Well her mother Rita, my Grandma Rita, passed away in May of 2011 from a rare form of Leukemia. She was one of those amazing women that was an angel on earth and never had ill words to speak of anyone. We loved her dearly, and still do. While she was ill, I got to know her family well. I had met her other children on occasion but did not KNOW them. Last summer was the first summer we spent a week in the OBX, and I never once felt like anything other than family.

There is not a more welcoming or amazing family. So needless to say I am stoked to do it again this year.

But not only seeing them has me stoked about vacation. So does the idea of the beach...sun...a week with my man and princess...and...


A totally awesome giveaway!

I will be reviewing and giving away a pair of ProCompression Marathon Socks! Also included will be a surprise item. I am not sharing what it is...but trust me...it is one of a kind, pink, awesome, and I am so jealous I can't enter my own giveaway! 

So be sure to keep your eyes open for what will be a great and rockin' vacation! I thought I would use my vacation and feel good time to share a little light with y'all!

Friday, July 19, 2013

ProCompression: Huge Summer Sale!

Wow...got to love a good summertime sale!

Nothing is better than low prices for super quality products! I am still reviewing a pair of ProCompression socks...but I have nothing negative to say yet! So I am letting all of you wonderful readers in on a great deal that they have running right now...

Huge Summer Savings from PRO Compression

Get 40% off ALL merchandise at procompression.com, including their brand NEW Neon Calf Sleeves and Team PC Gear such as hats and running visors! 

Simply enter coupon code JULY at checkout. You'll save 40% and get free US shipping. Click here to stock up today: 


Hurry, coupon code JULY expires August 4, 2013!

Happy Shopping!
Happy Savings!

So stop on over at ProCompression and let them know that Liz at MommyWeighLess sent ya!

*Disclaimer- MommyWeighLess is responsible for this content, is libel for the opinions above, is not libel for comments made by others, and is expressing personal views. Thanks!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Chobani, Bondi Bands, Allergies ...Oh My!

So recently I have had the amazing privilege and joy of trying out a couple of awesome products. I cannot wait to share either!


I received a case of Chobani Flips to review...and as we all know yogurt is a staple in most healthy diets...especially mine. I have been a Chobani nut for over a year now. It is one of my favorite and most filling snacks, not to mention the protein! It is a quick and easy breakfast if needed, or an awesome post-workout snack. And now that it is summertime it is super refreshing on a hot summer day!

There were so many yummy types to try...and I could not wait to dig in! There were two of each, so 12 in total! They are fair in calories, low in sugar, and taste great.

The day I got the case I did a little jig, and then hunted down a spoon. The first flip I sampled was the Almond Coco Loco...
                          IT WAS DIVINE!!!...and my favorite!

Second to that was the Key Lime Crumble! I have eaten all of them but the Raspberry Choco Fix thanks to a wonderful allergy to raspberries. As much as I longed to taste test a swollen tongue and duck lips are not fun, amazes me that people do the duck face photo intentionally. Have it from allergies and trust me, you won't think its so cute anymore. 

Anyways, back on topic!

Dustin ate the raspberry flip and he loved it! He is not a huge fan of Greek yogurt but he loved it this way. Who wouldn't though? It has chocolate in it for crying out loud! 

So what is even more amazing than these wonderful treats themselves you ask?! Well...
          Chobani has graciously given me the opportunity to give a case away to a lucky reader!!!
But that is not all you can win in this totally awesome giveaway!

The lovely ladies at Naturally Fit Sisters also sent me a few Bondi Bands! They were supposed to be a part of my last giveaway but I didn't receive them in time (sad face). So I decided I would make this giveaway even sweeter by including them here! Their bands are awesome. They don't slip. They fit wonderfully  They don't itch. They are easily washed. It keeps the sweat out of your eyes. And most important...They are stylish. Well in a nut shell...they just rock! I love mine...and Scarlett loves hers too!

Both of these products are great for those that want to spice up their healthy eats and exercise. And you can easily enter below! Good luck to all...cannot wait to see who the lucky winner will be! The lucky winner will receive a case of Chobani Flips, 3 Bondi Bands, and a pair of Sweat Pink shoelaces! The giveaway starts tonight at midnight and ends next Saturday at midnight...so you have plenty of time to get multiple entries!

I have not been paid by Chobani or Naturally Fit Sisters for these products! These are solely my honest opinions.
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