Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scarlett Baby Gone

My sweet little Scarlett Rose turned four a couple of weeks ago.

My sweet little Scarlett Rose started Pre-K on Monday.

My sweet little Scarlett Rose started showering all by herself.

My sweet little Scarlett Rose now puts herself to bed at night.

My sweet little Scarlett Rose...please so are growing up way too fast! Mommy can't pick up the pieces of my heart quick enough to keep up anymore.

Becoming a parent is amazing. But being a parent sucks... a lot. It is like we go from holding these beautiful little bundles of baby goodness that rely on you for every. single. tiny. BOOM!...little persons all their own that don't require your services anymore. Tossed to the trash like a used tissue. But I love that feeling.

Confusing, right?

I know. You should...or in my shoes.

I love seeing her blossom into this amazing person. I love that she is hard headed and independent. Those things will take her so far in this life. I love that she doesn't back down from challenge, and is fearless in all she does. But what I love most of all is when she asks for my help.

The night she told me she wanted to take a shower by herself, with the door closed, AND she would wash her own hair...I sat on the couch listening...and crying. I was hit with the sudden realization that I was no longer needed. She really is a big girl now.


This morning we were getting ready for work and school, and she was dragging butt. Just not in the mood to dress herself. So she ask me if I would do it. How could I refuse and invitation to do something for her, when she always tells me she will do it "herwelff "?

I couldn't. I didn't.

I basked in the glory of my baby needing mommy!

I pulled her out of her jammies. Put her in her school clothes. Put her toothpaste on her toothbrush. Pulled her hair back. Slid her sneakers on. And walked her to the neighbor for carpool. I was almost lightheaded from the "baby needs mommy" high!

So as hard as it is to watch her grow up...and eventually away...I will take every opportunity presented to be the hero Mommy!

To do one more thing for her.

To hold her close and let her be tiny and dependent on me one last time.

But it breaks my heart every time I do.