Friday, November 1, 2013

Gone Baby Gone

Well I had my post partum 2 week check up today, and my wonderful OB cleared me of post partum depression. He said I was doing too well to be suffering anything more than baby blues. And I agree. I feel better...much better. No more weepy pitiful mommy.

I'm baaaccckkk!

Well pretty much. I walked well over 2 miles last night while trick or treating with Scarlett and it felt good. My body didn't hurt and no post partum symptoms emerged. The doctor cleared me for exercise and I can't wait to get moving!

Even though I am not suffering from depression, there may be a mommy out there that is and if you feel you are or suspect you are...please seek medical help. Do not be ashamed. And if you suspect a mommy of suffering from depression please offer help. A 15 minute break can make a mom's day.

My biggest take compassionate. Not only to moms...but to everyone. You never know what someone is going through. And your friendly feature may change their life.

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