Wednesday, March 27, 2013


TMI and reader discretion warning!

I just want to poop.

There I said it.

Those words no one (especially women) openly admits...ever. It is a sensitive subject and I feel it's time to open it up for discussion.

One of the lovely side effects of pregnancy is commonly constipation, and to me it is the worst side effect. Ever since I started eating healthy and drinking gobs of water I have been regular, 4 weeks into my pregnancy and my intestines put everything on hold...literally. Thanks to the lovely hormone progesterone produced during pregnancy, women's digestive tracts slow down vastly due to relaxed muscles. We don't break down and process food as quickly which leads to constipation as well as heartburn and indigestion.

There is no shame in it, its natural and painful and really, really needs to be talked about more openly. I was even ashamed to discuss it with my doctor, whom probably hears it daily. Why? I honestly don't know. Maybe because no one talks about bowel movements due to it stinky nature, perhaps it's just never brought up. But either way I hope that by sharing my experience some other mommy to be or lady in pain will gain some incite.

So after about 3 days of no movement...none but pushing with no luck...I called my OB. I was so backed up my stomach was sore to the touch and I was constantly nauseous. He recommended Miralax (safe during pregnancy) which is a stool softener, not a laxative. He said to take 3 doses a day until I had my first BM then just use it once daily or as I needed.

2 days later a miracle occurred!

I pooped!

I even texted Dustin to tell him I felt so wonderful!

Its amazing how we take simple things like going to the bathroom foregranted until we can't do it. I recommend Miralax to anyone fighting constipation. I also recommend talking to your doctor or a friend about it. Even if you are embarrassed. Chronic constipation can also be a sign of more serious problems and can lead to problems such a intestinal blockage or hemorrhoids.

Listen to your knows best!

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