Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In

So it's Thursday...the day I have designated for my weigh in. Now I am not an advocate for the scale, because the scale does not always tell the truth. Non scale victories are far more important than any number on a scale. Don't let that number define you and all your hard work.

My NSV (non scale victory) this week was fitting back into my size 12 jeans! Woohoo! They're a little snug but anything is better than maternity pants!

But I also had a scale victory this week. Last week I weighed in at 196.8. This morning I actually weighed in at 194.8, a 2 pound loss, but I didn't photograph the scale until after breakfast, so I won't count it. Instead I'll count the after breakfast shot which was 195.4...*sigh lol*

Either way it's nice to see it move down after watching it go up for 9 months!

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