Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eat. All. The . Food. Cramp. All. The. Day. the title is slightly dramatic.

And I am slightly hormonal.

But either way...any female that has had their period can sympathize with my drama. Or I like to think so at least.

This post is a pity party post and I apologize for it now. But I had to vent so i wouldn't consume everything in my kitchen.

I have cramps from an unholy place, cravings for salts and sweets that would tempt the devil himself, and a dwindling will power.

I. Am. Fighting.

And so far I am winning. But that doesn't help with my foul mood. Or the pimple on my chin. Or my deepening dark evilness that is oozing out. And I hate feeling crazy. I know I'm not the only one. But that day before your period. The one where a fly buzzing ten feet from you can send you off the deep end....yeah...that's where I am in my cycle.

Who knows?

Tomorrow is another day.

Maybe my psycho will compose herself by then.

And a couple miles and some self defense class will help too!

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