Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week One: They Survived

Sunday marks one week since the fire at Wood-B-Ranch in Reddick, Fl that completely engulfed Rich and Melanie's home. They lost everything, as you can read and see here. Everyone made it out alive and unharmed, except a beloved dog, Abby.

The heartache is still unbearable as we continue to dig through the rubble, but there is still so much hope.

They have learned that the walls of the home are reusable, and Rich and Melanie are determined to rebuild. It was their home. It is their home. And they will have it again. I have heard talk of floor plans and things that they are going to do differently this time around, and that is exciting!

As exciting as that is, they will need help financially.

They were self insured, but they never imagined that this would happen, and their savings won't cover the repairs and rebuild. They had no homeowners insurance.

They won't get a payout for this.

Right now though, the main concern is getting everything cleaned out of the house, getting the garage and breezeway tore down, and hauling it all away.

The guys have been busy and have cleared out the garage. They have also started to demo the block, and hope to have it completely cleared by the weekend. Then the next item on the list is getting the old roof off and out of the house. And then...removing the piles of sludge and ash.

So much has happened it is difficult to process it all.

Even though it is devastating, Rich and Melanie are hopeful. They are starting to see a little light at the end of this dark tunnel. It has been a long and emotional week...and everyone is so very tired. But we are going to push on. Rich and Melanie need us all, and if you can't be here in person at least be there for them in spirit and prayers.

Should you have an extra bit of money...stop by the gofundme and donate. It is beyond appreciated!

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