Friday, February 19, 2016

Sweet Sweet Daisy's

Well, I never thought I would use my blog as a means to beg for money, but I am.

Early in February while at work, Dustin and Robbie were loading some fence posts when Robbie noticed a yellow lab cowering beside the stack. Hesitantly, she same to him and then followed him into the office. We noticed immediately that she had a limp and looked very emaciated. She was also very dehydrated and had several monster ticks on her chest and belly.

We scraped up some beef jerky and cheese and she devoured them. We also gave her a little water while I went and got her some Cesar soft dog food. When I returned I gave her one, and she happily ate it, then laid down next to my chair and took a good nap.

It appeared she was well taken care of, her coat thick and nails short, so I figured she had to be someones baby.

Did she break her collar and run off?
Was she dumped somewhere?
No way. She is an amazing dog.
I wonder if she has a microchip?

And YAY! she did. I took her to a local vet's office and there were three phone numbers listed, her name was Daisy, and she was adopted from the Carter County Animal Shelter in Tennessee! She had a family. YES!

The microchip company could not release the owners info to me, but they did leave messages with all numbers available and I gave permission to release my info to them, should they call back. Its been well over two weeks...nothing.

I put her all over social media.
Sent her picture to local vet offices.
I even shared her on Carter County web pages.


Was she dumped?
Was she loved? Was she...abused?

Every horrible scenario has run through our minds. We like to think she has just been lost...but it doesn't look hopeful and that breaks my heart! She is amazingly sweet, never barks, doesn't whine, has a tail wag for everyone, great with kids and other pets...I just can't imagine that someone would take the time to raise such an amazing dog...and then leave her.

Either way, we are taking care of Daisy right now, and her limp was not improving even with a new fluffy dog bed and lots of love and rest, so we took her to the vet. It was worse than we imagined. Her right back hip is fractured, and it will require surgery. Surgery that could cost upwards of $2000, more than we have available in our budget. The vet was amazed at how tolerant of the pain she is, and said that most dogs with a break like that would be howling and biting at people that touched. And she just lays there and looks at you with the biggest saddest eyes. It has been like that for a couple of months at least because of her tolerance to the pain. Poor sweet girl, such a freaking trooper!

We have set up a GoFundMe to help raise a little money to offset some of the vet bills. We have included the information for the vet, if you would like to call and confirm her story is true. We also plan to share her x-rays tomorrow.

Magnolia Animal Hospital 

If this was for myself, I wouldn't ask, but Daisy is a voiceless victim. She has a very loving home where we want her to spend the rest of her life, but we don't want to see her in constant pain. She does have some pain meds right now, but that is only temporary.

If you don't have the extra to share, that's just fine! Just giver her story a share and we will be more than appreciative. If you do have a little to share, we'd love that too!

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