Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Goals

I didn't post my goals for January, it has been a crazy month, and I have neglected myself as well as my followers. I apologize!
Anyways, with February just around the corner, and knowing I have fallen behind already this year, I sat down and wrote out my goals as well as my workout plan.

1) Eat a net of at least 1700 calories.
2) Drink 90 oz of water a day.
3) Cut out processed sugars, use sugar in the raw.
4) Do facebook ab challenge.
5) Run 3 days a week.
6) Walk 2 days a week.
7) Lower body fat by 3%.
8) Monitor macros.
9) Lose at least 3 pounds.
10) Rest on Tuesdays.

My starting weight is 180 pounds.
Body fat %-27.2
Neck-13 inches
Waist-36 inches
Arm-14 inches
Hips- 43 inches

Here are my before pictures!

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