Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Big Announcement!

My grandmother Jean has been battling cancer for a few years, and was placed in hospice this week. Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe  what our family is enduring. This is one of the reasons I have not been very interactive lately. I ask for your continued prayers.

As you all know I mentioned a big thing I have planned for this year, to honor this amazing woman and the impact she had on my life. As well as all of my other beloved family that I have lost over the years. I live in the sunny state of Florida..and it is only 160-170 miles wide depending on where you cross. I have decided that in December of 2013, I am going to walk coast to coast. From Daytona Beach, the place where I saw her last, to Fort Island. The walk is approximately 117 miles.

My plan is still being tweaked but here is the main idea:

I will start on Monday December 16, 2013 and be finished by Sunday December 23, 2013.

I will walk 20-35 miles each day and complete the journey within 7 days. I will start at 6:00a.m. and be done walking for the day by 6:00p.m.

I will have rendezvous points at a hotel or motel to shower, eat, and sleep for the night. (going to see how many are willing to sponsor the over night)

I am going to try and get as many sponsors as possible that will donate so much per mile. My causes will be heart disease, cancer, leukemia, and Alzheimer disease..all diseases that have take precious beloved Grandparents from me.

My goal here isn't so much the money,although I would love to raise a ton, but a personal goal. I am doing this to remember and honor all those that helped to shape the woman  I have become. Now I realize to some this may seem crazy but to me it's not that big of a challenge. I usually walk around 10-20 miles a week. I am starting to work on longer distances just to get a feel of what I am looking at for 7 days.

What I am looking for from my readers is ideas for things like nutrition, water packs I should look into, clothes, and advice you can offer is warranted?

Also I would love to get more people involved so if anyone is interested in joining me that's wonderful, if not I will trooper on alone!

Look forward to hearing about what you all think!


  1. That's amazing, I wish you the best of luck!!

  2. What a beautiful way to honor your grandmother! Wishing you the best of luck!
    Heather Parisi - GGS Amabassador

  3. Amazing! I cried reading this. Good Luck!!!

  4. You are an inspiration! What a wonderful way to honor her! Good luck! GGSA <3 from Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja

  5. You can do it....I know you can!