Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fitness Is Their Second Nature

As you may know I have two very beautiful and perfect reasons for getting healthy and changing my life. I do it not only for myself but for them, and Dustin, so that I am around to see all their great milestones and achievements in life.

When I began this journey, I was the only one involved. I made myself separate meals, worked out alone, and didn't push to make it a family change. Then I began to realize that it was making it ten times harder for me. All the bad food laying around tempting me. Seeing them soak into the tv and couch. I knew if I didn't make this a family thing, Scarlett would be like me in 20 years. Overweight and trying to figure it all out via Google.

I started slowly weeding junk out of their diets. We never allowed her soda or much candy anyways, so thankfully I didn't have to kick those bad habits. I started cooking more healthy meals with lots of veggies. Introduced her to quinoa...which she loves. Included her in the cooking process. And poor Dustin he just coped and was supportive because he too realized that even though he is tall and slim he has high blood pressure and cholesterol. And I don't. And I have 30 pounds on him.

This started almost a year and a half ago. Now eating healthy and exercise issue second nature to Scarlett. Dustin still won't exercise, but he does have a very physically demanding job as a diesel mechanic, but he doesn't complain about the lack of junk food anymore. Scarlett will eat a green bell pepper over a chocolate bar any day, and her favorite meal is anything I'm eating. She's always stealing my protein shakes.

Evan is still too young to eat, but I do strap him on and include him in our walks. Starting him earlier than I did Scarlett. When I watch her now, I don't have that fear she will be overweight and underactive anymore. I know this is her lifestyle because I have made it so, and it is second nature to her.

No more fretting mommy!

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