Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SpiderTech Tape Review

Oh the joys pains of  running!

While the mental aspect of running is amazing, the physical can be a bit disabling sometimes.

A few weeks ago I shared a picture on Twitter of my poor ankle wrapped in an ace bandage. After a super leg session at the gym, and finishing that off with a couple miles run, I thought I was going to die from a pain shooting down into my ankle from my calf. I thought maybe it was sprained or strained and just babied it some.

Then on Saturday I went for a 3 mile run. I was about 200 feet from my driveway when my calf turned to putty. Completely obliterated. I pulled it. Ouch. Thankfully I was close to home. It dawned on me that the pain in my ankle was actually pain ascending from my calf. Make sure you listen to your body. It will let you know when something is not right.

I hobbled the rest of the way home, sat on the front porch, and thought about crying.

While I sat there it dawned on me that SpiderTech Inc. had sent me a sample of KT tape, which is kinesiology tape that you use to tape muscles to prevent injuries, wear during sports for support, or wear after an injury to aid in recovery. The sample I had was two of the X Spiders and I was anxious to try them out, more or less anxious to relieve some pain. I pulled out the samples that came with a diagram of how to apply the tape to your affected area. They also have how to videos on their website. I watched the video...followed the steps...and felt almost instant relief!

I cannot stress enough how great this tape works. I still have pain, which is to be expected with such a harsh injury. No matter what you do you are using your calf muscle. It is a central muscle. A bad one to injure! I had 3 days of relief and the tape was still sticking..no rolling or lifting. Even my one year old had taken a couple shots at it. I looked into ordering more and the prices were unbelievably affordable. I picked up some KT Tape($9.95) from the local pharmacy to replace what I had peeled off, while I wait to order from SpiderTech. 

They have Pre-Cuts for specific muscle groups, the X Spider which can be used anywhere alone or with Pre-Cuts, and they also carry a Gentle brand for those with sensitive skin. As far as removal I just pulled at the top and it peeled right off. If you have sensitive skin I recommend using baby oil. It did not hurt but I have sun worn skin and no sensitivity.

So all in all this is a wonderful product if you have an injury, want to prevent an injury, or need a little support for a certain muscle group when you work it out!

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