Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Holidays Are Upon Us!


Just had to let that little yelp out!

It is that wonderful time of the year that we all love so much. Everything is green, red, and sparkly! The weather is nice a cool (I'm in such thing as cold)! The Christmas lights are all gleaming...and the yummy food is baking!

Wait! The baking! The food! The sweets! The...oh no I ate TOO much feeling!

This is a difficult time of year for those of us trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. There is so much pressure put on you to join in on the family eating festivities, and guilt tripping when you don't. It is hard to refuse sweets and such most days of the week, when there is no holiday, and the holiday only makes it about a hundred times worse.

I have a huge sweet tooth. HUGE! I love all the yummy sugar cookies, gingerbread men, cakes, pies...if it has sugar in it, I dig in. Well I used to anyways. I have worked really hard on my self control. Fighting that little devil over my shoulder that eggs me on to eat it...and letting the angel that has my health interests in mind whoop his ass! In a sense I have been kicking my own butt in order to stay out of sweets. I allow myself some every now and again to ensure I don't binge. Everything in moderation.

My family makes some killer of the reasons we are all over weight. Well this year I am in charge of desserts, and I am going to make them healthy. And what they don't know will not hurt them! I saw a wonderful Pin on Pinterest  for a fruit dessert Christmas tree and I am so stoked to try it! I am also looking at healthier brownie recipes to make an alternative for those that are not really fruit fiends.

The whole point I am trying to make with this is just because the holidays seem like a good reason to stray from your diet/healthy eating...ITS NOT! Don't use it as an excuse. Instead use it as an incentive to try new things..I know I am!

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