Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victories: In My Head At Least

So yesterday I painted my own toenails...why is this news you ask?

Before I would have someone else do it because I couldn't bend over like that or breathe when I did it. But yesterday I did it and never lost my breath and bent like a pretzel with no discomfort.

This is what is called a Non Scale Victory or NSV for short...or a weight loss victory not related to the numbers on the scale or tape measure. I decided I would share a few of my NSVs, things other people might not think are important, that have been huge milestones for me.

I have a BMI of 28.1!
Yes that means I am still overweight according to national standards but considering my BMI started at 37.4 less than a year ago...I think that is amazing! My doctor no longer tells me I am obese and I need to lose weight but instead encourages my new 'category' and weightloss. I like her more now!

My body fat is 29.2%!
Once again this means I am still overweight but I started at 51% body fat...I have lost almost half of my body fat. My ultimate body fat percent is 25%. Body fat percent is a better measure of your success than numbers on the scale. I still weigh 185, over weight for my height of 5'7", but my body fat is almost right on.

I ran my first 5k race!
I watched people run on the treadmill or around town and always felt a tinge of jealousy. I loved running in high school but hadn't braved it since gaining weight. I decided to change that. I started slow...running for a few seconds and walking a few minutes. Then I pushed myself to compete a mile under 13 minutes. Then two miles...and finally 3.1. Then I signed up for my first race and finished in 38 minutes. One of my highest accomplishments yet.

I put on a size 10!
Most women strive to be a I just wanted to fit in the clothes I wore before Scarlett was born. A 10 Jeans and medium top. I started out in an 18 and 2XL! A couple of weeks ago I put on my 10 and medium without any struggle or snugness..I felt amazing!

My collar bone shows now!
Weird right?! But it was one of my goals. I wanted to be able to see my collar bone. I think a slight show of the collar bone is super sexy and I worked hard to get mine out from under all that fat.

My calf muscles are defined!
All my running, and recent weight lifting, have paid off. I have defined calves. Another one of those goals I see my calf muscles. Before I had fat legs with cankles, now I have sexy legs with calves and ankles.

Double more!
I avoided every camera because I hated my double chin (and my body). I felt I was too young to have a double chin. We went and did a family portrait last weekend and I smiled confidently without the fear of my double chin making an unwanted appearance.

I have my sexy back!
I lost my sexy after my weight gain. I wore baggy clothes to hide my shame and avoided places where I might run into people I knew beforehand. Now I feel sexy in my own skin again, and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. Dustin has ultimately felt the wham! of my returning sexy and he loves it!

We are ready for Moore #2!
Dustin and I want a second baby, but I wanted to wait until I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight from Scarlett (a healthy weight). I am! We have been trying to get pregnant for a while but no we will just keep practicing until we reach perfect. In reality I would be okay if it didn't happen I reached my goal weight!

And last but not least and needs no explanation ......

I love myself again!

After reading this I hope you will stop looking at your weight loss as just numbers and reevaluate it in terms of NSV moments. Even though you might insignificant I assure you it is is a stepping stone towards a healthier you!

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  1. Great post! Keep up the good work, chica! :) GGS <3