Friday, June 7, 2013

Prenatal Visits: Fearing the Scale


It is official...after 20 weeks the scale has finally moved up. And that scares to poo out of me even though I know it is a good sign. Weight gain during pregnancy signals a healthy and growing baby. But after a year of watching the scale go is so hard to watch it move up.

Before we tried to conceive I decided I wanted to lose 50 pounds. I had already started my healthier lifestyle but losing 50 pounds put me under 180, which was a healthy weight for my height, and a healthy weight for pregnancy. We began to try in September and we were pregnant by February. I reached my weight loss goal of minus 50 in December!

As I have shared before my OB only wants me to gain 10-15 pounds so that I can resume losing weight after baby. I am 21 weeks and 3 days and I have gained my very first and official pound! I know that is not a lot and I should not worry about it...but the scale is going up...after a year of going down. DANGGIT!

At my prenatal visit yesterday my Blood Pressure was perfect, I had gained a pound, baby and I measure perfectly, and my OB says I am a star pupil when it comes to a healthy pregnancy. Now that doesn't mean I don't splurge every now and then. I enjoy my cravings when they come...especially pizza. Only thing is I know my limitations. I eat to be full...not satiated. Just because I am pregnant doesn't give me the GREEN LIGHT to eat for two. The only eating for two I am doing is eating healthy for two. I still count calories. I still measure portions. And I still exercise, however limited it has started to get.

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