Monday, July 27, 2015

Stream Of Un-Consciousness..?

Ever been so tired that it feels like your eyelids are sand paper...and with each blink you lose another layer of moisture...?

Toothpicks just are not enough to hold these steel doors that keep slamming together on my face.

Yea. That's me today.


Hope I don't nod off.

*Startles awake* No... I was not snoring. Just checking that my nasal passages are clear.


Monday. Have I said that yet?

I decided that it would be a great idea to stay up until three this morning.

But now, I am really questioning my abilities to make good decisions...

                                               ...especially when I know that I have to get up for work at six!

I have never felt more inclined to the saying "Old enough to know better."

My body is screaming for sleep.

I wonder if I could sign up for a sleep study today? Will they give doctors notes for work for that?

*Reminder*- Google local sleep studies later.

All this talk about sleep is making me sleepy. I should change the subject. Except every time I blink I am painfully reminded that I have neglected my brain..
           and eyes..
                                 and sleep..
                                                                yes sleep..

I think I will get up and sweep the office. If I don't get moving soon...I will nod off for sure.

I think the coffee in the kitchen is actually calling my name.

" know you need a little Folgers in your life...Coommmee onnn Lizzziieeee..." says the evil coffee pot, much to her dismay.

Oh well. Off to wake up, I hope.

                                                                               Photo courtesy of CalicoWrites.

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