Friday, July 24, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Most women love going to the salon and being pampered but it is hard to find the time and sometimes hard to spare the extra money to do so.

I for one, love the beautiful feeling I get shortly after getting my nails done.

It makes me feel relaxed, pampered, and like I could grab the bull by the horns...
                                                                            all because I got some badass nail color!

          ...I will take a side of Superwoman with that coat of teal polish please!


I just cannot justify spending twenty five bucks every two weeks to get a gel polish manicure especially when Christmas is fast approaching, and my entire family has birthdays in the next several months!

That and I am cheap. 

Really cheap. 

Like I can talk myself out of spending a dollar at the Dollar Tree cheap.

So I decided that I would take the year of experience I have from cosmetology school and start perfecting my own nails. Yes I do lose out on the "salon experience" but I am saving money, and being more economical.

This is where Sally Hansen comes into the equation.

Melanie, Dustin's Aunt, that lost her home to a fire...also lost all of her nail polish. So Rich took her to Wal-Mart to buy her some new ones. That is where she stumbled upon Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish. Both she and Rich picked a color for her to try, along with the Miracle Gel Top Coat. This gel polish is a no light required gel finish, that I was a little skeptical of.

We just happened to go to their new home, which is beautiful by the way, for dinner shortly after she painted her nails this amazing shade of hot pink. I ask where she got them done. She told me that they were not done at the salon, but she had done them herself! She went and got the polish and top coat to show me what the brand was. I knew instantly that I was going to get some for myself because this is the kind of thing that makes for a great blog post!

So to Target I went.

There I got two different colors. I bought the 540 Combustealble and the 720 Mintage. I tried the Combustealble and let me tell you...I LOVE IT! They were about five dollars each and the top coat was about eight dollars. Not a bad price. I spend more with a visit to the salon!

Combustealble                                                                                                                                  Mintage

The first step is to apply two coats of the color. The brush is designed so that the polish goes on very smoothly and evenly and it doesn't get all over your finger. I applied my two coats and waited a minute or so. I then applied the gel top coat. It says that you don't have to wait to apply the gel but when I went to apply it without waiting, it started to lift the color off my nail. So I recommend waiting. You only have to apply one coat, and it goes on very thick. That is what gives you that "salon look" and finish. It takes a relatively short amount of time for all of it to dry. Maybe a couple of minutes.

Since I painted them (9 days ago) I have zero chips. They still shine like they were freshly painted. Even my right hand, which I never paint well, looks amazing!

I have heard how these store bought, no light gel polishes never work...but let me tell you this one is actually the real deal. I will know in 5 days if it really lives up to its two week lasting promise. But so far I have worked everyday, cleaned, done dishes, helped Dustin work on a truck, and changed diapers...but it is still there. Looking fresh! And I am not being paid to say that!

*Photos courtesy of Sally Hansen*

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