Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great FREE tools!

One of the best words in the English dictionary us the word FREE! Do with that in mind please bare with me a second.

One of the best things I started when I began this journey was logging my food and exercise. At first I would just write it all in notebook but eventually that got harder to do while on the go. So I decided to check in my Android market for a food tracking app. I found many! And most of them free! I currently use  2 simply because I do not know which I like best they are:


Both are great sites but each has their flaws and perks. MFP is great for logging food because it has a bigger data base and you can enter in your homemade meals more easily but the community in my opinion is not as friendly as SP. On SP the calories burned while tracking fitness is more accurate than MFP because it is greatly known that MFP over calculates.

I tend to use SP more now because I like the Web page they have (both can be accessed from the computer if you do not have an Android). To each their own I guess.

However the take away from this to log your food and exercise so that you can physically see what you are consuming and how many calories as well. Both sites also give you an estimated amount of calories you should consume according to your stats. When out comes to exercise however the truest way to tell what you burn during exercise I'd with a heart rate monitor. Guesstimating will hurt you not help you. I will discuss my lesson learned with this later.

Either way check them out they are great to help you get started!

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