Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to start: Portion Distortion

Once you begin a life style transformation, and started sucking down water, its time to find your motivation. Mine was seeing myself categorized as obese, and perhaps yours is the same. Other things fueled my fire like my daughter, my love, and my mortality! People die at such young ages now because there simply is no drive to be healthy. Everything is fast food, easy access, and microwavable. And when we think we need to lose a few quick pounds is easier to fad diet then change bad habits, or learn portion control.

No need to lie, that is not why I am here, I tried SlimFast trying to kick start my weight loss. I figured the structure and simplicity of this 'miracle' meal replacement would help lose the first 20 pounds, and teach me how to control things. All it did was cost me money, lost a couple pounds, and a headache. Sure it was easy all I had to do was drink 2 shakes a day, eat 3 small snacks, and one well balanced 500 calorie dinner..and BAM lose weight! Well it didn't happen. That's when I decided I had to learn how to eat right, and went back to researching.

The next and best piece of advice I can offer is to measure, weigh, and dole out appropriate portion sizes for everything you eat!

If the bag of chips says a serving size is 12 chips..count out ONLY 12 chips!

If peanut butter says 2 tablespoons use ONLY 2 tablespoons!

They put serving sizes on food for a reason. That is the recommended size you should eat, no more than that.  Americans have a distorted view of a portion size because of television and restaurants. When you walk into a McDonald's the first thing they ask after you order, "Would you like to make that a large?" This is one of the leading causes for obesity in America. The Super Size!

When trying to lose weight I have read repeatedly that it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. In another words you cannot exercise away a bad diet! Eating well balanced foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats along with regular exercise will provide you with the best weight loss results. And just because I have a new healthy diet does not mean I do not allow myself a treat now and again. I enjoy sweets just as much as the next gal, only now I make them with healthier alternatives, and eat the right portion size. When I bake my yummy Whole Wheat Apple Muffins(will share recipes), I eat only one. That is all I need.

So now that I have shared that tip I recommend you go out and invest in a kitchen scale, and a good set of measuring cups. Tonight give it a test run. Place what you would normally serve yourself of dinner on your plate, look up the right serving size, then measure that out. You will see how truly distorted your portion eye is!

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