Sunday, September 30, 2012

Start Today!

I know that I am 100% guilty of saying, "I will do it tomorrow", and I say it a lot! For example I saw a Do It Yourself project on Pinterest where you put the outfit your baby came home from the hospital in a frame, with a card that has all their stats on it as well as a picture of them in the outfit. Well I bought the frame, laid out all of the things that go in it, sat it down, walked away and thought..I will do it tomorrow. Well here it is tomorrow and it is sitting right where I left it! A shameful thing I know, but one thing that we are all guilty of at one point or another. Where I am going with this is that when I comes to starting your journey into weight loss or a  new life style, doing it tomorrow will not cut it.

Sure every now and then I have a rough day where I don't get to workout, or I may not eat as well as I want to but I count it, take credit for it, and then move on and start fresh. I always make sure to do it tomorrow, because if you don't then tomorrow will become a couple of days, then weeks, then months and next thing you know you have completely fallen off then wagon. I read a lot of stories  on SP where they say, I started a year ago..fell off the wagon..and here I am 30 pounds heavier than when I started. Those stories motivate me to push to stay on target and reach my goal. As well as reach out to people and congratulate them for realizing where they went wrong, and to help them make tomorrow easier to achieve.

This journey is not one you can do by yourself. You really need support from family, friends, whoever is closest to you. It can be very discouraging when doing it alone. I know from experience. But my partner, Dustin, really was the pushing factor that helped me get where I am and stills pushes me today. My family was not quite as supportive because they aren't willing to change their lives regardless of how unhealthy they are. Dustin is perfectly healthy and skinny, but decided to take this journey with me. He eats my health foods, even is screaming about starving, and tells me to get up and workout when I don't want to. He has made sure I have everything I need like good shoes, good foods, a gym pass, jogging stroller, the list is never ending. Without his support I don't know if I would have made it so far, especially considering how many people were trying to tear me down.

The biggest message I am trying to convey through this is to start TODAY! Start fresh even if you think you could have done better. Make sure you have a good system for support, and do not tear yourself down if you didn't quite reach your goals for the day. Instead pat yourself on the back for taking the plunge, doing your best, and know that I am proud of you for every step you take.


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