Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Number 1's and Number 2's (Reader Beware)

This is a sensitive subject, even more so for is ladies, the bathroom..

Dun-Dun-Dun! *cue scary music*

But in all seriousness this really is something we never want to discuss. I know I never did..not until it all changed drastically.

When I was eating whatever I wanted and however much I wanted I was never 'regular' and fought constipation regularly. When it came to urination there were smells, colors, things it shouldn't be. Ever had any of those problems?

Of course you have! We are human its part of the package unfortunately. But one thing I have learned is all the ugliness of it is 100% diet related. If you put garbage in it..your body will put garbage out of it!

As I said before the first thing I did was started downing water..practically drowning in it. Well I started peeing every 5 minutes, literally. It started out (TMI) yellow, then pale yellow, and finally clear. It went from having odd smells to no smell. Amazing in my opinion..no more stinky pee! Not to mention my back quit hurting!

Once I began to change they way I ate (TMI) my body began to change how it shipped it out. It changed in frequency, color, size, form, smell..and scared the poo out of me (pun intended). Going from not going to going regular was so refreshing. And the first time I ate junk food, McDonalds in particular, it gave me a bad case of diarrhea. So to save myself time, dehydration, and raw bum I eat out once in a blue moon. Think of all the money we save now!

So for those of you eating a poor diet and not taking in enough water..your bladder and colon could really user a reprieve!

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