Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mommy Time

Being a stay at home mom is a full time job and it especially frustrates me when people say it isn't! My work day begins at 7 in the morning and doesn't end until 11 or later at night. When I am not chasing a one year old around, cleaning house, washing laundry, mowing the yard, bathing the dog, cooking, running errands, or working out...I like to enjoy a little "Mommy Time".

Even though I am just a stay at home mom I need 30 minutes to myself every now and then too.

We moms really are not given the credit we are due for all the things we accomplish during the day. My significant other spends a few hours alone with our daughter and he is calling me ready to pull his hair out..yet I do it all day everyday. Then again I couldn't go work on semi trucks all day either. My point here is that no one should discredit what anyone does because they think it isn't hard work..every one has a different definition of what work is.

So next time you want to call someone lazy..stop and think..could you do what they do all day without complaint?

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