Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dealing With Non-Supportive People

I have mentioned before that I am from the south and down here we deep fry EVERYTHING! That being said, I also happen to come from a very obese family, and was just like them up until this past year. This started as my New Years Resolution, and it has now become my life. One of my biggest obstacles while changing my life, was learning to deal with my unchanging family. They have been stuck in their ways for a lifetime, and have no intention of changing.

When I started they told me I would not do it or I could not do it, which just made me push even harder to prove them wrong. Then once I began, so did the jokes. When I would pack in my own meals, I was accused of thinking I was better than them. When I would say I could not do something because I was working out, or running a race, I was accused of taking this too serious. They constantly crack jokes about my eating habits and say things like I am starving my family, depriving my daughter of good food (junk food), or denying myself what I really want. I do not deny myself anything, I eat what I want in moderation. As time has progressed I do not crave sweets and do not want junk, I want fruit and veggies. When I feel grumpy I would rather go for a run or pump some iron than sit around eating and feeling sorry for myself.

I also find it very irritating that when I am not around they sneak Scarlett food and things I do not allow her to have. On Halloween she was given a ton of candy and soda (never had) and that night ended up with a horrible diaper rash and belly ache. I think the junk they gave her did more harm in one night, than any of the healthy food could do in a lifetime. I do NOT MAKE MY FAMILY DIET, we eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since when does being healthy qualify as dieting. The only reason I continue to lose weight is not because I diet but because I eat right and my body is doing what it is supposed to.

Now that I have lost nearly 50 pounds the 'You are getting too skinny' talk has started. I am 188 pounds, still 30 pounds over weight for my height. I would like to lose those last 30 pounds. I am not even near skinny, but anything under 200 pounds is 'skinny' to them. Sad. But true. My parents think I am taking this too far, as well as forming an Eating Disorder. I have a very healthy relationship with food...I love it too much sometimes. And in reality I have not gone far enough, I still have a ways to go, but I am so proud of how far I have come.

Slowly the picking and headaches have subsided. I either tune them out or they have realized they are not going to change my mind. This is my lifestyle, I have to live it not them, just as they have to live with theirs, and the health issues that come along with it. With the holidays here, I am a little anxious that it will only get worse. All I can do is hope that someday they will realize how badly they need to change their lifestyle and make healthier changes. If you are dealing with similar issues all I can do is offer you this piece of advice, stick to your guns and prove them wrong! I know you can do this, and I have your back!

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