Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Time Squatting

So yesterday my girlfriend, Chelsey, and I decided to do legs..for real. Not just play with the machines(still did machines though)...but use real weights...free weights! I remember squatting in high school, but that was 5 years ago, and I only did it for one semester because I broke my foot. I have been apprehensive about lifting heavy because I have plantar facisitis, and it likes to flare up when I do heavy lifting.

Anyways, we wandered into the free weight area and looked around like we were a little lost, because we were...and finally settled on the right equipment.
           A little Chelsey history, she was a great weight lifter in high school, competed and everything, so she had an idea where we should be and how we should do it. She is getting married in February...yay!...and is trying to lose some weight before then. She has become my workout buddy, and flunky. And she is doing great!
Back to our session...

We set up with just the bar to start...45 pounds. I went first and she spotted. I have my form down just from free squats using body weight(no longer feel I get anything from them), and adding weight felt really good. After she did her set we added 20 pounds..10 on each side..making it 65 pounds total. Did my set and started to feel it in my inner thighs..more than I have ever felt using the machines. Chelsey did her set...and we added 5 pounds...making it 70 total. I really felt it then...and knew that I had reached my max for the day. I have learned that when I want to do legs...I really need to avoid the treadmill beforehand (did a 5k on 10% incline).

Have to mention here that Chelsey really kicked butt!

We did a few other things...but I was more excited about the squats. It was my first time and I wanted to share! I am sore today..but no more sore than usual..except when I have to use the restroom. Ouch! If you are scared of weight lifting like I was, there is not reason for it..once I did I fell in love! Besides it makes you leaner and more sexy..not to mention I felt like a badass!

I am doing a 5k everyday this week on top of my weight workouts because I am participating in a Virtual 5k, hosted by CrazySexyFitt...you should check it out. It is free and anyone can participate. She has wonderful prizes!

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