Thursday, November 8, 2012

Very First 5k

On Saturday November 3, 2012 I ran my first ever 5k RACE!

Okay, I'm being all dramatic with the bold print, but I have never been so proud of myself! I always though I would like to be a runner, but always thought I would never be able to do it. Well one of my goals during this journey has been becoming a runner. To me a runner is someone who runs in whatever weather, runs to run, runs to renew their attitude, runs to breathe, and you are a runner no matter what pace. If you are going faster than your fastest walking pace, you are a runner in my book!

I love that free feeling I have when I run...that one where the only thing that matters is the constant pitter patter of your feet on the ground and the wind whipping around your face. I do my best thinking, thought sorting, and anger relieving when I run as well! Poor Dustin has learned this the hard way...Mommy needs her daily run!

Anyways, enough banter. On to my first 5k.

I happened onto this 5k: The Paynes Prairie 5k-Benefiting the Friends of Paynes Prairie, by accident. A Facebook friend of mine shared it and I jumped on in. It was a race where the proceeds were going to local benefits for local groups..and I love supporting my community! When I registered I realized I only had 6 weeks to train, but was determined to do it. I walk anywhere from 2-5 miles a day, and I decided to start pushing myself to run parts of it.

The first week I could only run for a minute or two, and had to walk five to catch my breath. I was getting side stitches, and my feet started blistering. So I did a little research *cues Google love song* in to what I could do for all of the above. As it turns out when you are running distance the best thing you can do is run on an almost empty stomach, so have a banana or something light 30 minutes before. Be sure you are plenty hydrated. And dig deep and push! As far as the blisters, that is just a perk of running! I have grown to love them. They are a part of my new life style, and I get a new one each week.

I began pushing myself a little more each day. I literally ran/walked a 5k everyday of the week for six weeks. And it paid off. When I started it took me 58 minutes.

Back to the 5k. I was so excited and nervous. I have never ran and actual race before. I had all of the usual fat girl issues, and assumed everyone else would be stick thin, and wonder why I was there. I could not have been more wrong. There were people of every shape and size, and we were all there for the same reasons; to compete, to have fun, and to support a good cause.

Registration was easy. Walked in, filled out a paper, was given my bib, and instructed where the starting line was. By the way, if it is fall, and you arrive for a race at 7:00 in the morning wear warm gear. I like to froze before we got running. I have saved my bib to be scrap booked.

A few seconds before the start, when we were all waiting on the horn, I glanced down at my heart rate monitor, my heart was going 146 beats per minute I was so anxious to get going. Next thing I know we are all running! Made my personal best of 38:17! And I really got into the competitive spirit. I passed whomever I could whenever I could! I almost got beat by a lady that I had played back and forth with, but I sprinted the last tenth of a mile, and beat her!




It was amazing, and so much fun. It was so great, I came home and made up a schedule of all the 5ks local for the next six months I am going to participate in. By next summer I am going to reach for my next goal...a half marathon! I know I will do it!

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