Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free For All 5k

Did my second 5k today(November 10, 2012). That is 2 in two Weeks! Woohoo!
It was at another nature park, but this time the path was paved, and much easier to run. Only complaint was having to dodge doggy poo because people were allowed to bring dogs, and none of them picked up after their pets! So rude and inconsiderate!

This was a much smaller group this time, probably only about 100 competitors. So I figured I had a good chance of winning because it was being done by age groups. Sadly I did not win a medal by 34 seconds but I am proud of myself either way!

Even though it was a paved path, I was slower today by a minute, my time was 40:22, but I also did not get enough sleep this week. Sleep is so super important when you are an avid runner, it provides your muscles with the time they need for repair.

During the race I kind of fell behind due to a cramp in a thigh muscle I bruised really bad when I walked into the corner of a cabinet, but as I started to catch up I would find a person in the crowd, put them on my radar, and make a challenge for myself to pass them. It's amazing what you can do when you give yourself mini challenges. And when I reached the 3 mile mark, like I always do, I sprinted to the finish. I don't have my start and finish photos yet, but as  soon as I do I will edit them in.

I had a blast and it was for a good cause. All the money was being raised to provide a free concert within my local community, to give kids something to do so they are not on the streets. That is something I am totally willing to support.

I also received my first ever t-shirt from a race and my second bib! Yay me! I have officially started my drawer for race tees and a folder for my bibs. How awesome is that? If you are new to racing too, I recommend you do the same. I write the date, name of the race, and my time on it. That way I can look back one day and see my improvements and cherish those moments!

Next race for me is November 22, The Turkey Trot!

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