Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cruelty Among Our Youth

Okay my dears this is not weight loss related, but something you may have experienced because of your weight and something I feel the need to get out there. I read an article today about a young girl, Amanda Todd, that committed suicide after enduring years of cyber and physical bullying. This girl was victimized for making one mistake, flashing her chest to a pedophile, and it lead to torment. I have linked the article so you can see all the details for yourself.

What is wrong with youth today?! Since when is it acceptable to bully people to the point that it ruins their lives. I do not understand this mind set of cruelty that children have now. Are they so desensitized by television and video games, that they do not realize how cruel they are? Or is it simply a lack of parenting? What will become of these children when they are adults? I honestly don't see then amounting to more than criminals and thugs.

Since when do boys go around sleeping with girls just so their girlfriend can beat her up? What kind of stupid girl would want to be with a guy like that, and what kind of guy would want a girl like that? Where are their morals, self respect or sense of respect in general? I just can't wrap my head around any of it. And since when does no one stand up for someone else? When I was a child you stood up for the bullied children, and bullies were lame.

These kids want so bad to act grown, but I don't know any adults that act like that. Sure there are the occasional jerks that are adults but usually they are just miserable in life. Is that the problem with kids, is their life of cell phones, IPads, laptops, miserable and boring that their only source of entertainment is to drive others to commit suicide? And once they do, crack jokes about it. Suicide and bullying is no joke..because in an instant it could be you.

It breaks my heart and scares the life out of me to think these kids are our future, and one that my daughter will be part of. There needs to be severe punishment for kids caught bullying be it cyber or in person. Start making examples of these that bullied this young girl. She hadn't even had a chance at life yet. Its just sad. What kind of monster would push a young girl to that length, and still make fun of her, or bully her after she is dead. Is there no respect for the dead anymore either?

Shame on you that bully, and shame on us for not doing anything to prevent it!

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