Thursday, October 4, 2012

Over Weight News Anchor

I read an article yesterday about an over weight need anchor that called a man a bully for criticizing her size and telling her she isn't a role model for young girls. She decided to call him out on national television and called him a bully. She did not call him by name. she received a ton of love and support for standing up for herself, while he had been torn down and publicly humiliated, which was her goal. In my opinion that makes her just as much of a bully since she publicly humiliated him. It was a conversation that should have stayed between them, she should have confronted him there, not used her power of TV to do so.

As to the subject of her weight, I am very torn on this matter. I am overweight myself so I know how it feels to have people comment on such. It hurts but instead of seeking pity, I took that and found motivation to change. To become healthy. She says she has had people tell her things like this for years. I think she should consider readjusting how she perceived herself a little. I'm not saying she should look down on herself, but instead look within herself.

In all honestly, he is not wrong. She is over weight and since she puts herself in front of thousands of viewers a day, she should expect some criticism. That's part of the package. However to say she is a bad influence on young women is very wrong. She is an independent woman making a name for herself, nothing to be ashamed of.

To get to my point, America has become so acceptable of over weight and obese people that to call someone such makes you the bad guy. Since when did it become okay to be fat and unhealthy? By supporting her, and saying she is fine the way she is, people are saying it is okay to be over weight. Its not.

I mean no offense to anyone in this, its just how I feel on the matter.

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