Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who Am I...

I have been blogging for a few weeks now and other than snippets here and there..none of y'all have any idea who I am..or how I got here. I shall change this tonight.

I am a country girl, farm raised and taught to eat everything deep fried with batter. It is southern tradition, and so is having a big behind. I come from a very close and loving family of parents that have been marries almost 30 YEARS..with two older sisters that are my best friends. My Mom and Dad raised us right, and whooped our asses when it was necessary. And we are all productive citizens even though they did so. We woke up at the crack of dawn to tend the animals, get to school, come home, tend more animals, do our homework, hit the hay, and start all over again. This structure has been a defining feature of this journey. I can create a schedule and stick with it as well as having the self discipline to maintain it.

I met the love of my life in high school..yes I know cliche right? He is a great man, hardworking, and makes us a decent living. We have one beautiful daughter, and once I reach my weight goal we plan on having a boy if possible. We live on a little farm in what many deem the middle of no where, but it is home and it is ours. We are not married yet, but it is in our future. I am about to begin school to become a health care administrator..I want to take my fitness journey to the next level..without the ooey gooey part.

The reason behind my life style change was being titled 'obese'...traumatizing for anyone I know. But it was the inspiration and motivation that changed my life forever. I have since lost over 40 pounds..still losing with only 16 pounds until my goal weight. It has been 10 long months of eating healthy, making mistakes, and dedication to working out. No one said that this would be easy, but I know from experience it is more than worth it!

I am an open book and more than willing to share any part of my life with anyone. I have nothing to hide..just ask.


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