Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Working Out With Children!

The biggest excuse we moms use to validate not working out is we can't find the time with children under our feet. I am here to tell you it is not a valid excuse anymore!

When you start looking for a gym, if planning to join one, make sure it has a daycare. For $1 a day there is a daycare at my gym that will watch Scarlett for me for 2 hours. In reality, who needs 2 hours at the gym? No one. I usually do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights when I actually go. There are days when I like to swim or soak in the hot tub after just for a little 'me' time.

It is absolutely important and you have no reason to feel guilty for taking a little'me' time!

I know from experience if you don't find alone time you will start to resent those around you that aren't tired down with children.

Eventually it got exhausting having to pack up baby and drag her to the gym, for me and her. I felt bad asking Dustin to watch her because he works late hours a lot, so we invested in a jogging stroller, a few free weights, and workout DVD. This way a few days a week I could work out at home and Scarlett could join me. She looks forward to or walks and runs just as much as I do.

I hope that by including her in my workouts she will have an interest in doing them herself when she is older, and will know what an active lifestyle is.

Now when I do go to the gym it isn't as demanding on us either. Making for a happy Mommy that had time to herself, a happy Daddy that got to sleep in peace, and a happy baby that got to play with other babies. And I reiterate how it is very important it is to find fine alone time!

Now so making excuses and get those kids involved! Make a nightly walk a family activity. Make it fun by playing a game of good old fashioned 'I Spy' or make it your circle time where you discuss the days events or Weeks plans. Enjoy having that time while they are young enough to think you are cool, before you are just lame old mom who bugs them to walk with you!

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