Friday, October 26, 2012

Eating More To Weigh Less

Sounds terrifying right?! It really is...but if you read this and think at the end you could do it...then there is no reason to be scared. The first time I read a forum titled "Eat More To Weigh Less" I thought pfffffftt...whatever, everyone knows you have to eat low calorie to lose weight..right??? I looked at it, laughed literally out loud, and went back to my low calories. I lost my first 25 pounds this way and I figured I would lose the last 50 the same.Then one month came the dreaded PLATEAU! *gasps echo through inter-world*

I tried everything, I doubled my exercise, stopped eating back my exercise calories, and not a single pound budged. So after doing a little reading I realized that I was under eating  This made me rethink eating more to weigh less. I revisited the forum. And I read a lot of forum posts where they had been in the exact same situation as me, eating low cal with no more weight loss. They then later went on to say after eating more they began to lose again. I read everything I could on this weight loss principle and decided I was going to do the calculations, find out what my true intake should be and try eating at that for 4-6 weeks and see what happen.

To figure out what your intake needs to be you need to find your BMR, TDEE and then subtract 20% from your TDEE. I have provided a link to great calculators as well as a link to my post about finding your calories intake.

I have been eating more to weigh less for about 6 weeks now and I feel amazing! I have a ton more energy, my hair has stopped falling out, I am not cranky anymore (poor Dustin), and I can go like crazy at the gym! I used to poop out within the first 30 minutes of my workouts, but now I can go high intensity for 80 minutes and still feel good the rest of the day. I have been losing a steady 1-2 pounds a week and I look twice as toned as I did. I look leaner, which is better than being skinny. I will take lean and strong over skinny any day. There is a fantastic group on MyFitnessPal for eat more to weigh less that has people going through the transformation with you. They break it down where it is easier to understand and how it works. They also have a Facebook page and personal web page. Check them out if you don't like starving your way to fit!

Proof in the pudding!

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