Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shakeology Review

So a couple of weeks ago I was the winner of a fabulous giveaway on a fitness page! I was thrilled and anxious to test out everything I won. Inside the package was three packets of shakeology, a meal replacement shake that is supposed to be all natural. I have provided a link to their site. Check them out for yourself. There was 2 chocolate and 1 strawberry.

Today I decided to give it a go and have a chocolate shake for breakfast.

How I mixed it(in a blender):
1 pack of chocolate shakeology
1 cup of ice
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
half a banana

This is not a review of their program and weight loss promises because I have not completed the program, and don't really plan to. I know people that have had success with it but I prefer to eat my calories, and they are over priced for my budget. This is a review of the actual shake I had and what  I thought. I also am not trying to start a debate over the product. If you use it and have had results that is great! If you are totally against it that is great too! However I am not pushing nor slamming the product.

So for the pros:
-It had a good strong chocolate flavor, which I enjoy. I also haven't had any cravings for sweets today, so it has curbed my sweet tooth. That is always a plus.
-It was nice a thick so it gave me a sense of getting more than just a drink of something, kind of made me feel like I was getting sustenance.
-I drank it at 9:00a.m. and did not feel hungry again until 1:00p.m. so it does keep you full.
-It has a lot of protein so I didn't need a protein shake after my workout.
-It definitely got my digestive system moving.
-And the last perk would have to be the convenience of just throwing it in the blender, drinking it down, and walking out the door.

And now the cons:
-I prefer to eat my calories, and while it kept me full,  I wanted something to chew on for the sake of chewing.
-While it was thick and yummy, I feel like over half of it stuck to the sides of the blender. So did I really get all the nutrition it promised? Then even more stuck to the side if my glass. Seemed like a serious waste, especially considering what people pay.
-It was a little chalky, which you get with any shake.
-It gave me awful heartburn. I have burped the taste of it all day.
-While it did get my digestive system going, I would prefer if my food stayed in me until I am at least done with my workout! Yikes!
- It had quite a bit of sugar in it, 6 grams to be exact, and I don't like so much sugar in a drink. I only drink water and unsweetened almond milk, so sweet drinks aren't my thing.
-And the last con is the fact that it is so expensive. No I didn't have to buy it but if I was going to, I couldn't afford it.

My lists were fairly even, but in the end in my opinion I wasn't really a fan. It did taste good, and for some people it works great. I say whatever works for you and helps you lose weight so long as it is a part of  a healthy balanced diet, go for it, but I don't think after my samples are used I will ever use it again. Not my cup of tea. However if you are interested in trying it you should contact a shakeology agent, and give it a go for yourself.

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