Monday, October 15, 2012

My 10 Rules For Gym Time

Everyone that goes to the gym gets annoyed at one point or another by fellow members. Whether they are talking too much, smell too bad, or just starting at you there are things I just can't stand. Here are 10 rules I think everyone should follow while at the gym:

1) Do not judge others or talk about other people.
         This is most important to me because everyone is there to get healthier and judging them or criticizing them for that sets them back. I was at the gym one day and a younger (fitter) couple was bad mouthing a heavier girl for running on the treadmill. They were being rude and loud enough i could hear them over my head phones, which meant she could hear them, and so could everyone else. My heart hurt for her because that was me 9 months ago. After asking them politely to stop, and them refusing, myself and another man went to the desk and reported them. They were told to stop and if it persisted their membership would be revoked. She came to us and thanked us, and I work out with her now when I can. It is not our place to pass judgment on others, instead we should praise each other for bring there.
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

2) Please wear deodorant.
          I understand it is hot, we are sweaty, and working hard, but that is no excuse for stinking. If I can smell you, I know you can smell you. There is nothing embarrassing about needing to stop and refresh. In reality that just goes to show how hard you are working.
Smelling bad = no good.

3) Clean the equipment after you use it.
          There is nothing more gross than getting on a piece of equipment and someone left a sweaty butt print or hand prints. I don't like my own sweat on the machine, let alone another persons. They have towels and spray for a reason. To keep down bacteria and to help maintain equipment.
Keep your germs to yourself.

4) If you see my headphones, I don't want to chit chat.
          I don't mind working out with friends, sometimes I enjoy the company, however if I am alone, with headphones on full blast...I am in Beast Mode! Every time you stop me to say something, you interrupt beast mode, and it really annoys me. People don't put in headphones because they want to talk.
Music is my quiet time.

5) Perfume, Cologne, and makeup are not necessary.
          Ladies you do not need to bathe in perfume, or pile on the makeup to go to the gym and sweat. If you look cute while working out you aren't working hard enough. And I shouldn't have to hold my breath when I walk by for fear of choking to death on your perfume. Put that shit on after you workout and are leaving the gym. Same for you fellas..I'm not looking for a mate when I come to the gym. You don't have to wear a bottle of axe. They only do that in the commercial to market the product. Women don't want to smell that. If you are coming to the gym to impress the opposite sex and find a date, do it else where, some if us are there to work.
Keep sexy at the bars.

6) Don't stare
          I don't know how many times I look up in the mirror and someone is staring at me. Okay I get it, I look rough after an got of cardio, or maybe my boobs are bouncing to kingdom come, but staring is rude. Not to mention it makes others uncomfortable and self conscience. The mirrors are there to help you watch your form..not everyone else.
Keep your eyes on your own set.

7) Don't be afraid to ask for assistance.
          A lot of the equipment at the gym is dangerous and can severely injure you if not used properly  if you are a Newby ask an employee to give you a tour and demonstrate how things work. Do not lift heavy without a spotter. I cannot stress to you enough how important  learning the equipment before use is. If you twist wrong on an ab machine you can hurry your back, if you don't know how to get on the treadmill or change the settings properly you could face plant. Then you are out of the game until you heal.
Don't use what you don't understand.

8) The gym isn't a restaurant
          I see people eating all the time at the gym. I understand if you need a quick energy bar, or some carbs for fuel, but standing in front if the water fountain grazing is ridiculous. If you need to eat, there are picnic tables and chairs for a reason. I would like to get to the fountain for a drink.
Grazing is for cows not the gym.

9) Get your shower and get out
          I cannot stand it when the showers are packed and someone is taking their sweet time and sudsing up like they are going it for Miss America. Save your beauty routine for home. Wash the sweat it if your hair, off your skin and move on.
We don't have all day either. If you have engagements after you should account for that one your time somewhere else, not expect everyone else to wait for you.
This is like a car wash, get clean and pull through.

10) Be courteous
         There are a lot of people from a lot of different cultures at the gym. Don't say rude or racial things. Don't use one piece of equipment for hours. Don't take forever in the shower. Common courtesy is important to keep things going smoothly and no one likes a jerk.
Be nice and let's all get it done.

I know some people well read this and think I am out of my mind, or really agree. But these are things I think should be rules for every gym goer. Its a matter of personal opinion and I know we all have things that peeve us, these are mine. Now go get your sweat on, on you that is, not the equipment.

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